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Panel 1: Title “What Is Stimming?

I found another cute comic and stimming from Lil Penguin Studios / Autism Happy Place and wanted to share it with you all. I find this very cute and informative.

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[Image ID: 6 panel comics from Lil Penguin Studios. All panels have a pastel coloured background with pink floating hearts.

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Panel 1: Title “What is Stimming?” Image of a cartoon penguin in pastel colours flapping his flippers.

Stimming is short for self-stimulatory behaviours, usually including repetitive movements and/or sounds. Why? Because stimming is about experiencing the same little sensory moment over and over again.

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Panel 2: Title “Everybody Stims”. Same image of the penguin from the first panel.

However, it is much more common in people with ADHD, autism and anxiety.

Autistic stimming can be extremely colourful not only helping focus and calm down but also being a way of communication, expression of emotions etc

Panel 3: Title “Stimming is Healthy and Beneficial for Autistic People” Same image of a penguin from the first panel.

– It helps to maintain a balance between understimulation and overstimulation.

– It helps to prevent meltdowns, shutdowns, burnout

– It helps reduce anxiety

– It helps recover after a meltdown

If it’s unsafe, it needs to be redirected just like any unsafe behaviour.

Panel 4: Title “Repressing Stims”. Image of a pastel coloured penguin flapping its flippers and an arrow pointing to a second penguin in pastel colours, shivering and looking exhausted.

Is a form of autistic masking. It increases anxiety, and can result in autistic meltdowns, shutdowns and burnout.

Panel 5: Title “Being able to stim freely can make a world of difference for an autistic person.” Image of the pastel coloured penguin flapping his flippers again.

– It helps to self-regulate

– It can be a form of communication

– It helps to express and process all sorts of emotions

– It helps build trust, helps to connect

Panel 6: Title “Types of stimming”. There are 6 boxes, each with a different example of stimming with images of the pastel penguin performing that stim.

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