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Themelantic is proud to present Agencia – a stylish Tumblr theme for creatives. Feature your latest work, services, social media posts, and testimonials. All wrapped up in a beautiful, customisable design!


– A flexible slider to showcase your stunning work, photos, or team
– A stylish “About” section to share your personal or company info
– Space to feature your main services and products
– A grid layout for your photos, posts, and text
– Widgets for Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr
– Integration with a MailChimp email newsletter
– Easily change colours, typography, and design details
– Custom logos, notes, comments, sharing, and much more

Slider, Text + Links


Use a slider at the top of your site to feature your latest work, photos of your company/office/team, or anything else you’d like to highlight.

Each slide can have a description, button, and link attached. It’s a great way to quickly point people to your key pages, posts, or services.


Your Services

Three blocks on the homepage give you space to feature the key services or products that you offer. Each can have an icon, title, and description (and they can link off to a page or URL of your choice).

The perfect way to introduce exactly what your agency is able to offer. Not interested in this? You can turn it off with a click.

About Us Profile

Feature some information about your company/agency (or yourself, if you’re a freelancer) on your homepage. A great way to introduce your core message, or company slogan.

Also use this opportunity to link to a contact page, or a page that features a larger profile of your company.

Square Posts

Posts are arranged in a grid style, with a custom design for each different type of post. Whether you’re mainly sharing photos, videos, quotes, or questions, your content will look stunning.

Tag Menu

Agencia has a full-page menu at the top of each page, making it easy for people to find different pages on your Tumblr blog, or search through your posts and photos.

You can also enter a selection of tags to make it easier for people to navigate through your portfolio.

Agencia integrates easily with MailChimp, to show a “newsletter subscribe” box at the bottom of your site. It makes it easy for visitors to enter their email address and join your newsletter.

A perfect way to build up a contact list of new potential customers!

Agencia supports widgets for showing your photos and designs from other places – Instagram, Dribbble, or Flickr, or thoughts and links from Twitter. You open these with the “exposure” icon in the title bar.

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