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Esteemed Stakeholders of Livestock Industry and Dear Colleagues,

The livestock industry has considerable importance in our people’s healthy and balanced nutrition, food security, and in our country’s development. Agriculture is the art and science of farming that involves functions of cultivation and animal breeding by benefiting from soil, producing products from plants and animals, and turning these products into semi-finished and finished products. Zootechnics is the scientific art of rearing, maintaining and feeding, breeding and reproducing domesticated farm animals to produce animals and animal products in an economic way through the agricultural production. Those who complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program in a department of zootechnics are entitled to become a “Zootechnician”.

Animal production is of great importance for the development of a country, and Zootechnicians and veterinary physicians are essential for improving productivity in the animal production. Increasing the animal production and producing healthier and more qualified animal products are needed for a growing population to have a sufficient and balanced diet including animal products. Therefore, an effective cooperation among partners in the industry is required for using up-to-date information and modern technology, analyzing existing problems in animal production, improving productivity, and ensuring sustainability.

In this context, Animal Science Congresses have started to be organized since 1992 and the first ten of the Animal Science Congresses have been organized by Animal Science Departments in different universities of our country. The first of the congress, which has been organized as an international level by the Animal Science Federation since 2018, was held in Antalya and the second was held in Cappadocia in 2019. 12. National and III. The International Animal Science Congress was planned to be held face-to-face, but was postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic conditions at the first, and then decided to be organized online with the participation of you our valuable industry stakeholders between 27-28 November 2021 by Uludağ Animal Science Association with Bursa Uludag University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Animal Science ( and the Animal Science Federation (

In the Congress, all stages from producing to consuming animal products, which are tremendously important for raising mentally and physically strong and healthy generations, will be discussed. The Congress aims to get together stakeholders of the livestock industry, including scientists, producers, producers’ associations, professionals in the sector, governmental bodies, media members, non-governmental organizations, and consumers, in order to discuss the problems related to animal production and find solutions, to share the latest scientific studies on animal production around the world and in our country, and to introduce new technologies in the field of animal production.

Therefore, your participation and contribution is very important for the Congress to achieve its abovementioned objectives both at a national and international level. We invite you to attend our traditional organization where many stakeholders of the livestock industry will come together for a productive and sustainable future in animal production. We, on behalf of the organization committee, would like to express how excited we are to meet with you in the Congress.

Best regards,

On Behalf of The Congress Regulatory Board

Prof. Dr. İbrahim AK
Chairman of the Congress Organizing Committee

Dr. İsmail MERT
Chairman of the Animal Science Federation